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Peace Kawomera Coop LTD CC

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Our purpose is to promote unity among faiths by providing just economics to the community.

Peace Kawomera Coop LTD CC
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1000 Members

Traditions: Islam, Jewish, Christian Catholic , Christian Protestant

Action Area: Environment, Health and Social Services

Region: Africa

Label: Purpose & Activities

Peace Kawomera Cooperative Society CC is located in Uganda and works with Jewish, Muslim, and Christian farmers from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The Eastern part of Uganda enjoys relatively amicable relations between different faith communities, and Peace Kawomera is working hard to ensure that those relations are deepened and sustained. The group cooperatively runs a coffee growing co-op where they train, employ, and buy coffee from community members of all different faiths. In addition to providing economic stability, they conduct trainings on interfaith dialogue, and encourage community members to participate in each other’s traditions.


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Our dream is to preach to all human beings that we are all brothers and sisters and to use religion as tool for bringing peace.

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