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Pilchu Hadam Topol Gaonta

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PURPOSE: Creating cultures of peace and justice through upholding tribal 

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7 Members

Traditions: Christian, Hindu, Islam, Tribal

Action Area: Community Building, Environment

Region: Asia

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Pilchu Hadam Topol Gaonta was set up in 1982 for eradicating superstition and misunderstanding, bringing the knowledge of tribal elders to the general public. Members connected them with other social leaders and brought tribal issues as the problem of the society. This allows tribal communities to balance their life living with mainstreaming society.

Cooperation Circle members are also involved in social work like blood donation camps, tree-planting programs, distribution of clothes to the poor, providing blankets to the people living below the poverty line, etc. Through indigenous conferences with an international delegation, they are calling the attention of the government to the problem of mining destroying the spiritual and social life of the tribal community and damaging nature. They promoted sustainable livelihoods among 158 vulnerable women through skill-building trainings on tailoring and saree-painting training. They promoted employment opportunities among the 108 needy, rural youth through the four-wheeler-driving training, and supported them in availing themselves of employment opportunities. They also helped them in establishing their own enterprises. They trained 16525 students and 1275 school teachers on environmental education. They created awareness programs to protect the local environment through mass plantings, demonstrations on compost making, and rainwater conservation initiatives. They supported 1350 small NGOS and CBOs on project proposal writing, legal aspects, documentation, accounting, training and capacity-building initiatives.

VALUE: Retribalization and development tribal society, stop the migration and willingness of living in the motherland

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Mr. Subash Tudu

Harekrishnapur Village, Satyayatan
West Bengal

(91) 897 228 4906

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