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Prafull Oorja CC members share  passions of holistic practices with marginalized populations, bringing yoga, dance, art, reiki, acupressure, etc., to groups in need, including special needs children, rural women, NGO leaders, ethnically conflicted groups, and so forth. They help to build capacity in the people they serve. This includes self-confidence and empowerment, peace-building, leadership skills, physical capacity, mental capacity, and more.

The organization started in 2011, was incorporated and has trust status in India.. It reaches out into different populations and customizes holistic practices that take into consideration the cultural practices of others. While yoga may be an Indian practice, there are practices in other religious and spiritual traditions that are comparable. Prafull Oorja gives young people a window into other cultures. Prafull Oorja serves as a resource for a better understanding of other religious and spiritual traditions, expanding resources and knowledge, with yoga, dance, art and storytelling as used as methods of peace building, The initial focus is offering holistic practices for special needs children, primarily in rural India, and to date Prafull Oorja has served over 300 young people. Prafull Oorja is now expanding beyond this community. The holistic approach of Prafull Oorja works to allow young people to find a place for peace.

Sharing holistic practices is to build capacity in the people we serve

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November 2, 2016 2:40 PM

Prafull Oorja in the News

Prafull Oorja, a URI Multi-Region Cooperation Circle based in India, was recently featured in the Deccan Herald for its yoga work.


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Prafull Oorja