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Traditions: Indigenous , Islam, Christian Catholic , Christian Protestant  See All

Action Area: Environment, Health and Social Services, Indigenous Peoples

Region: Africa

Website: http://prometra.org/uganda

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Prometra Uganda CC is located in Kawempe, Buyijja-Buwama Sub County, Uganda.  Prometra CC was formed in 2000 to respond to the poor health conditions and inadequate modern health services by utilizing traditional medical and cultural knowledge.  Prometra is committed to avail alternatives to health care and assist people who cannot afford access to health care by encouraging them to use locally available resources within their own environments. The CC’s activities include workshops on African spirituality in health, and conferences on traditional medicine, spirituality and healing.  The CC’s future plans include creating impact and local change to healthcare access by active participation in URI activities, conducting research and publishing articles on indigenous knowledge in health, culture, environment and spirituality.

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We preserve and promote traditional knowledge and practices in health and culture through research, training and advocacy.

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Doctor Yahaya Hills Sekagya


(256)772 403900

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