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Peace Social Welfare Organization

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7 Members

Traditions: Christian, Hindu, Islam

Action Area: Community Building, Environment, Health and Social Services, Women, Youth

Region: Asia

Website: http://www.pswo.org

Label: Purpose & Activities

Peace and Social Welfare Organization CC is a young organization from the State of Andhra Pradesh where there are frictions always among various religious communities. Caste and creed differences are very strong. CC members have to be watch dogs of democracy and integration. This is a very enthusiastic group very committed in building interfaith harmony and peace through Awareness Programs, Workshops and other meetings and also by promoting interfaith understanding. They are trying to help prevent all forms of religious violence. Their hopes and plans for the future are: to Arrange  Awareness Programs for Communal and religious  harmony, to start school based interfaith campaigns, to promote leadership training programs for youth, to organize women empowerment projects


Excellent life for all

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45/403 -10 Bhagath Singh Nagar
Kurnoor, Andra Pradesh

(91) 9700370499

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