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10 Members

Traditions: Christian Catholic , Indigenous Cosmovision

Action Area: Environment, Indigenous Peoples

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

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Members of this Cooperation Circle consider themselves indigenous people, upholding the heritage of their ancestors, though they have become urbanized over time. They work for the recovery of their indigenous habits and traditions, the practice of agriculture, education and preservation of nature. Among members there are farmers, engineers, students and children. Approximately 700 people form their community, representing Cosmovision and the Catholic indigenous. Of their many important activities, they celebrate San Isidro Labrador on May 14th and 15th (San Isidro Labrador Celebration). For this event, they dance with the Saint on the way to the Church in Lagunillas in Zulia State. The Indigenous then join the rest of the community and practice a ritual at the shore of a lake. It is very important for them to share their roots and ancestors; they dream of one day creating a museum to show what the construction of their family homes were like. They also want to build a Bio-Touristic Garden so that they can show how over-regulation of the Indigenous lands harms the seeding process, affecting sacred plants and typical food. All of their activities take place with the presence of children of the neighboring schools but they want to extend these to all children and adults from around the world.

Expand ancestral knowledge in the protection, recovery and conservation of the environment

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Yelitza Lilezet Rangel Gutierrez

Avenida Bolivar, San Martin, Casa #4
Lagunillas, Sucre, Merida

(58) 412 173 7849

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