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Realities Beyond the Truth

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PURPOSE: To be connected to all people around the world and to better understand one another

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8 Members

Traditions: Islam, Christian, Christian Catholic

Action Area: Community Building, Health and Social Services, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Youth

Region: Asia

Website: http://enough.ourjourneytosmile.com/

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Youth forming this Cooperation Circle have named it, “Realities-Beyond-The-Truths” because their aim is to go beyond their personal beliefs and to strengthen relationships to better understand one another, as equal ‘Members of One Human Family’. They plan to nurture a culture of respect for freedom of religion and all Human beings. They have come together from different backgrounds, religions, and cultures, and hope to nurture a critical mass of non-violent relationships to be more connected with the people of the human family and to raise awareness of people living in conflict areas. As peace activists, they want to help the young, arising leaders to stand up and to take actions in their communities for sustaining a true and maintained peace. They are students at United World College. Most of them have experienced the cost of wars and conflicts in their countries and wish to change a part of the negative culture of homophobia and war-torn countries for the people of the human family. They want to be connected with everyone on this planet, and together to learn from one another, and to give children and the younger generation some tools to build their countries.

VALUE: Our unification in diversity from 67 countries and developing a culture of peace to respect every human being and being part for bringing sustainable peace

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Hoor Arisi

Darlaman Street

(39) 347 300 9401

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