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Social Artistry Alliance of South East United States

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PURPOSE: Support the growth of the human family required to build a world that works for everyone during this time of transition

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18 Members

Traditions: Christian, Buddhist, Christian Universal , New Thought  See All

Action Area: Community Building, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

Region: North America

Website: http://www.bccconference-colquittga.com/

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Social Artistry is defined as the art of enhancing human capacities in light of social complexity. It seeks to bring new ways of thinking, being, and doing to social challenges in the world. Social artistry brings state of the art discoveries to human capacity building and social transformation. Thus, it seeks to build a society based on the principles of democracy, sustainable development, human-based needs and values, universal human rights, environmental protection, social justice, equality and the sovereignty and dignity of all peoples worldwide. The group met each other through the work of Jean Houston, and come together each January for the Building Creative Communities conference which is inspired by her work. Members of the group often express the value of the opportunity to meet and share the work they feel called to do and to learn from each other. 

VALUE: We cross the boundaries of age, race, sexual orientation, gender and religious affiliation. We are a group of spirit led people doing incredible work in the world.

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Ms. Joy Sloan Jinks

Post Office Box 375
GA 39837
United States

(1) 229-220-0123

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