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Sacred Currents Inc is an initiative of Richard Petkovic and aims to produce arts and cultural projects that facilitate a shared experience that transcends difference and creates community. Basically this group is a mix of people from different ethnic backgrounds and religious backgrounds: Croatian Tibetan, Buddhist, and Serbian Orthodox, humanist/atheist, and many others. They have managed the Sydney Sacred Music Festival annually for five years in a row to showcase diverse devotional music, art and ceremony. Sacred Music Festival opens up hidden faith and cultural treasures in the community, giving people a positive spin on their culture. They also create art (music, theatre, visual etc.) to promote understanding of cultural and/or spiritual diversity in Australia, highlighting sacred traditions and facilitating arts projects that use collaborative and inclusive cultural development processes to empower its participants. They also meet their purpose by creating new sacred music ­ concert with interfaith concert, Zen, Aboriginal, Mongolian Shamanist, Chinese, Catholic and Animist, and Bobby Singh who is Sikh. They put together a new orchestra, “Sydney Word Music Chamber Orchestra” and made a new sacred symphony and three sides of love and death. There is a documentary about this on the Facebook page. They also brought together **Shohrat Tursun Trio**, featuring a Chinese Uighur Sufi singer - one of the only ones of his kind.

Creating understanding and link like-minded people.

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Richard Milan Petkovic

28 Dunmore St Croydon Park Apartment: 1
Sydney, NSW

(61) 0430 464 660

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April 6, 2016 12:15 PM

World's Collide Project

World's Collide is a live multimedia performance of world dance music.


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