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Our purpose is to promote peace and rights.

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8 Members

Traditions: Islam, Christian

Action Area: Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

Region: Asia

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Samaanta CC is based in and around Jaisalmer, a district which is situated in Indo-Pak border. The region itself has rich composite culture but at the same time it has become a highly sensitive place in the last ten years due to religiously motivated violence. Our CC members specially the CC leader Mr. Aam Singh is one of the senior peace activists and has been working for peace and womens' rights for the past 25 years. The other members in the Samantha CC are from different backgrounds but have also been actively contributing for peace and development issues in their districts.

Our dream is to make this world violence free by respecting and valuing every faith and promoting spirituality.

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Aamb Singh

Village Post Kita, Via Fatehgarh, Dist Jaisalmer

+ (91) 09828294191

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