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Traditions: Christian, Hindu, Islam

Action Area: Education, Health and Social Services, Women

Region: Asia

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Their main activities of this CC include: Handicrafts training program for Girl child, Yoga training to promote peaceful thinking and living in rural and urban areas, Naturopathy and Yoga training service center in Sahaswan area, Awareness for healthy natural living. Two CCs (Sarvodaya Bundelkhand CC and Samagra Vikash CCjoined hands together to organize this special event on Sarvodaya (a term meaning 'universal uplift' or 'progress of all') movement was Gandhi's ideals, Sarvodaya visualizes a simple, non-violent and decentralized society.

Nearly two hundreds people participated in two days workshop on "communal harmony and world peace" eminent social workers, Gandhian, activists, media and various religious leaders also participated and contributed in this gathering.

Mr. Shiv Vijay Singh, the coordinator of Sarvodaya Bundelkhand CC and Ms. Savita Malpani, coordinator of Samagrah Vikash CC  has shared their views and future planning as below:

- Establish a center of interfaith cooperation for world peace.
- Center for Child and women development in the rural areas
- Center for healing through natural treatments and prevention 

They also included others action areas as the complete report would be available on ( Asia news). 

Promoting natural health for all

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Mr. Shiv Vijay Singh

Sudamapuri ( On Jail Road) ,Banda,
Uttar Pradesh ( U. P)

(91) 9359355337

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