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PURPOSE: Using the power of youth interfaith dialogue practitioners to heal the planet of environmental degradation.

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7 Members

Traditions: Hindu, Islam, Agnostic, Arya Samaj

Action Area: Environment

Region: Asia

Website: http://www.sdsamvaad.org/

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Samvaad CC intends to use the power of youth interfaith dialogue practitioners to heal the planet from environmental degradation. As a diverse group, they have already successfully delivered very challenging projects together. They believe that the crisis of environment is due to human lifestyles (and beliefs) and that unless it is addressed through the power of faith, humanity will never find a holistic solution to it. Members do research, organize trainings and network to achieve their goals. One of the most memorable activities was “Evolving beyond Tolerance, ” an interfaith and intercultural youth retreat in Nainital with about 25 participants that spanned 6 days and 28 activities. They also engage youth through awareness camps, conferences, trainings and unique cultural events pivoting around the above mentioned issues. To learn more about this active youth organization, visit their website: www.sdsamvaad.org

VALUE: Our diversity

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Mr. Manu Singh

52 Balbir Road

(91) 9911089216

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