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Self Assisting Training Herald SATH CC

Label: Cooperation Circle Info

43 Members

Traditions: Hindu, Islam, Sikh , Buddhist

Action Area: Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Youth

Region: Asia

Website: http://people.du.ac.in/~mysaba/

Label: Purpose & Activities

Our purpose is to promote education, communal harmony, national integration, and socio-cultural awareness for the downtrodden people of the society...

We strongly feel that providing proper education to every child and illiterate adult will prove the backbone for development in every sphere of the life of the citizens of this country and will prove catalyst to imbrue self development awareness in the mind of every individual. We intend to sketch, plan and implement methods feasible for literary and educational development in the Indian socio-cultural setup. There are social and biological factors ( e.g., caste, religion, region, sex, language etc.) that makes every society unique and facilitate in making unique social bonds, the nature and use of which either hinder or pave the path for the development of society. We plan to organize awareness camps for the nature and use of such factors in constructive ways.

Our CC plans to execute activities regarding literacy, social issues, health, and environment. We are trying to eradicate social ills prevailing in Indian society, check environmental degradation and establish peace and harmony among people of different communities.

Our dream for making a difference in the world is to construct a peaceful and harmonious balance between different spheres and elements.

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