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International Centre for Study and Development CC

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20 Members

Traditions: Hindu, Christian Catholic , Christian Pentecostal , Islam See All

Action Area: Health and Social Services, Women, International Day of Peace

Region: Asia

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International Centre for Study and Development located in Valakom, Kerala, India, is a successful volunteer-run social service organization that began in 1982. The members of this UNESCO-affiliated organization include 39 full-time staff members who offer drug treatment and rehabilitation, a home for the aged, family counseling, and continuing education. Each year the CC organizes events to celebrate the World AIDS Day Campaign, Children's Day, Human Rights Day, and Republic Day. In addition to service programs, they have a khadhi (Indian cloth) production centre that employs impoverished women. 


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We are seeking to establish Ramarajya (God’s Kingdom).

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Mariamma Mathew

Kerala, Kollam


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February 19, 2010 10:40 AM

URI 10th Anniversary Event: International Centre for Study and Development CC

The International Center for Study and Development has 70 members, including Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and Dalits. Their dream is to "uplift the downtrodden and diseased masses of Kerala." Past... Read more...

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