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Swami Ganganand JI Bhuriwale URI CC

Label: Cooperation Circle Info

8 Members

Traditions: Sikh , Islam, Hindu

Action Area: Health and Social Services, Youth

Region: Asia

Label: Purpose & Activities

Our purpose is to create an environment where every one lives in complete peace and harmony with each other.

Our CC is involved in working for religious and social causes, working for orphaned children, organizing games for developmentally disabled children, holding religious conferences, running a home for abandoned and orphaned children, running a free medical dispensary, and holding behavioral change communication programs, etc. Apart from this, we actively participate in URI programs like Zonal meetings, the Global Assembly, the National Assembly, etc. We also celebrate Environment Day and IDP and hold interfaith prayers, peace programs, and other programs of URI.

As multi-colored threads get woven into beautiful fabric, so is a peaceful world feasible through the blend of various faiths and religions.

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