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Talking Back to Hate, Standing Up for Peace - A Resource CC

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Traditions: Buddhist, Christian, Christian Catholic , Christian Scientist  See All

Action Area: Education, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Youth

Region: Multi-Region

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The focus of this Cooperation Circle is to be a resource to the URI network and partner organizations – in how to model and practice right speech, to be kind to one’s neighbors, to be up standers for others, and to respond effectively in the face of hate speech, discrimination and bullying. The support services that they aim to provide are: Awareness –  to offer information and research about hate speech, discrimination and bullying; informational materials such as tool cards and tool kits to educate others about hate speech, discrimination and bullying and ways that individuals and communities can respond; inspirational stories of those who have spoken out against it and those who are speaking peace in powerful ways to their neighbors and so-called “enemies;” and religious and spiritual resources that illustrate the power of speech from a spiritual perspective. Program Opportunities –  to support programs and propose activities to energize the network, such as days of collective action (e.g. on the International Day of Peace, UN Human Rights Day, Golden Rule Day), regional and youth workshops, restorative circles for building / rebuilding community with those who are estranged; other specific initiatives seeded by our CC such as the Interfaith Pen Pals Project. Practices – to share specific actions and approaches for acting positively in our daily lives, being kind and compassionate to our neighbors, conscientious with our speech, and upstanders for those who are targets of discrimination, hate speech and bullying. Some specific examples are practices for responding to hate speech that we encounter online, guidelines for web moderators to promote positive interactions, and spiritual practices for how to be impeccable with our word. Forums  – to provide spaces for dialogue (via social media and face-to-face conversations) for those who are energized and interested to join the conversation and share their thoughts and stories.  This initiative started as a Campaign in URI and organized several events in 2013.

Counteracting hate speech, discrimination and bullying through education and advocacy, and in standing up for peace through positive interfaith action

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Ms. Sarah Talcott Blair

1012 Barkwood Court
United States

(1) 510 406-3386

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