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Umbiyozo Cultural Diversity

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7 Members

Traditions: African Traditional, Christian, Jewish

Action Area: Community Building, Youth

Region: Africa

Website: http://umbiyozo.org

Label: Purpose & Activities

The strong cultural traditions of song and dance of the different cultures are not always acknowledged or respected. Engendering pride in the traditional song and dance is how Umbiyozo Cultural Diversity CC brings people together and fosters understanding and builds back pride and identity in groups where these things have not been strong for a long time.

Together, members of this group have created a project through which they believe they can make a true and lasting contribution to those who follow in their footsteps. In the South African townships, children are very often lost to gangsterism, drugs and hopelessness because of the persistent poverty that surrounds them. It is not only poverty in terms of economics, but also a deeper and more soul-destroying poverty of relationship and family. This is why the work of uniting children, keeping them off the streets and giving them a positive, joyful expression of self is so important. By performing traditional South African song and dance, and organizing workshops on leadership in a diverse cultural community, CC members look forward to preserving the customs of traditional South African song and dance and to cultivating holistic living on ethnic youth growing in an increasingly globalized world. Group members are the light and the hope because they have seen a desperate need and they have answered a primal cry for help. 

To preserve the customs of traditional South African song and dance .

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Mr. Jason Rahel Woolf

8 Avenue des Huguenots
Fresnaye, WC
South Africa

27 (0) 761862245

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