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Traditions: Espirita , Espiritu , Umbanda , Baha’i See All

Action Area: Environment

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

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Our purpose is to promote the union between all and work for the common good.

On June 13th, our CC will celebrate a year with URI and nineteen years promoting the integration among various spiritual, religious, philosophic and scientific organizations. During the past year, we held seminars about the environment, always reflecting on the vision of different religions on the subject. We organized panels with experts from different perspectives – ecological, economic, culture of peace and social vision. We held prayer sessions for a Sustainable and Peaceful Planet. We have a monthly meeting of people of diverse religious traditions on the topic “Ecological Imperatives for a Sustainable and Pacific Planet.” We are collaborating in the creation of a program for Religious Education in Bahia State.

Our dream is to be an example to all the social, political, and religious segments of society, and working together to a common goal.

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