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Traditions: African Traditional, Christian, Islam

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People from the villages are very mixed in terms of culture and religion. It is not always easy to reach out. It is very important to note that sometimes cultural beliefs can act as a barrier to development.  There are those who plant hate in children. CC members are convinced that hate and division are slowing the nation’s growth process. They believe that if they reach out and create unity in diversity, more people will understand each other and they will choose to plant love in their children. In this way community leaders will more likely be involved in the changes that are needed and to support development. Creating the “Let’s Move Together Girls group” has been a great start. CC members teach girls sewing because they no longer learn this at school due to lack of resources. They bought some fabric and they have started teaching the girls to make bags. Once they have practiced by making their own, they can make more and sell them to the rest of the children. Another memorable moment was providing balls because the kids said they wanted sport. Also they are involving women in a Village Savings scheme. 

To promote and educate the children, economically empower the youth and champion women’s rights

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March 14, 2016 11:55 AM

United for Action August-September Report

United For Action (UFA) is based in Kasungu district in central Malawi, 127 km north of Lilongwe.


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