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Our purpose is to provide an interfaith center for celebration, learning and healing.

In 2009, the Utah URI CC held a benefit for Uganda to raise funds for the children, which were sent to Father Centurio Olaboro to purchase land for planting crops. They have since had a good harvest and it is now in its second growing season. We also bonded with St Olafs Catholic Church in Bountiful, Utah where Father Olaboro spoke, resulting in a donation of $1000 for Uganda. The Temple of Understanding in New York has also given us money for Father Oloboro, as well as the Interethnic Health Alliance, and Engineers Without Borders. These groups have been to Brianna Mary Hill Orphanage to build a new classroom in Uganda, and have also set up solar power for two other schools. A third grade teacher and her class donated enough funds to enable all the children at Father Olaboro's orphanage at Uganda Martyrs Orphans Projects to have mosquito nets, and Bill Oliver from our CC gave the Orphanage the funds for a piano keyboard.

We are a Utah Interfaith Center that provides for celebration, learning and healing.

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