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WEDO GLOBAL CC is a social enterprise that envisions a racial-barrier-free society where everyone can live in peace and harmony. The mission of this Cooperation Circle is to empower ethnic minorities; to advocate multi-culture education and to promote peace and cultural diversity. It aligns with the mission of URI.

WEDO GLOBAL CC was created to enhance cultural understanding of Hong Kong Chinese on ethnic minorities, so as to reduce the negative perceptions and racial discrimination. It provides training opportunities inside and outside Hong Kong for under-presented ethnic minorities. There have been Pakistani, Indian, Nepalese, Indonesian, and Australian members coming from the Muslim, Sikh, Catholic and Indigenous communities. As their training takes six days, every participant is exposed to an in-depth cultural exchange and learning about each other’s cultures. After the training, the participants have opportunities to be recruited as cultural ambassadors to conduct multicultural workshops and theme-based community walking tours. This increases their job opportunities, confidence, knowledge and skills.

Currently WEDO GLOBAL is cooperating with Oxfam Hong Kong to offer multicultural education programs for educational institutes, corporations and other charitable organizations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Sri Lanka.

In the future, they will cooperate with the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to expand existing programs to more schools, corporations and charitable organizations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

We promote peace and cultural diversity through our programs.

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Director Bosco NG

238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Unit 306, 3/F, Youth Square
Chai Wan
Hong Kong

(852) 21572181

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