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12 Members

Traditions: African Traditional, Christian, Islam

Action Area: Community Building, Environment, Health and Social Services, Indigenous Peoples, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women, Youth

Region: Africa


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World Kindness Liberia is a Monrovia-based registered national Non-Governmental Organization whose objectives include: To invest time and resources in the creation of awareness about random acts of kindness, which will enable Liberians to exercise decisive influence in a just solution to the challenges of humanity. To create a hopeful generation of peace, love and understanding through the adoption of random acts of kindness for the well-being of all Liberians. To explore opportunities for national peace and post-war unity and development through various, kindness-stimulating programs and projects. The Organization conducts trainings, summits, conferences and empowerment programs. Recently they were also involved in distributions of clothes, medical aid, and food items to families affected by the recent Ebola outbreak in Liberia. World Kindness Liberia was established to respond to the call for kindness where and whenever possible. Liberia is a secular state comprised of various religious practices, dominantly: Christianity, Indigenous beliefs and Islam. In order to inspire kindness amidst religious biases, World Kindness Liberia chooses to remain neutral, working without any borders and by any means through which it can achieve its goal of creating a kinder nation. Embedding Kindness in the communities, classrooms, the workplaces and within our Corridors of Government, this campaign inspires positive change, allowing us to rediscover our will to give and overcome our fear. In the period from 2005 until the present, the Islamic group has been pushing for equal participation in Liberia in every social, economic and political affair of Liberia. The resistance has always been stiff but the struggle continues. In regions of Liberia that border neighboring Guinea, especially, the rifts are becoming obvious for religious dominance. Interfaith bridge building is becoming a necessity in mustering cordiality among all Liberians. The plan of the group is to network with other URI member organizations for partnership as well as liaising with the government and other organizations to help support their cause in Liberia.

To create a kinder Liberia in our lifetime

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Executive Director Neabei Woart Toah

GSA Road,
Monrovia, Montserrado County


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March 16, 2016 3:02 PM

Liberians United for Sustainability

We are proud to present to you Liberians United for Sustainability, a daughter organization to World Kindness Liberia.


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August 27, 2015 9:34 AM

World Kindness Liberia Cooperation Circle Activities Report

Learn about recent activities of World Kindness Liberia, which include caring for children left without parents after Ebola outbreaks.


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