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Women and Peace Studies Organization

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PURPOSE: Promoting knowledge and realization that inclusive peace and security frameworks lead to sustainable peace & harmony.

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70 Members

Traditions: Islam Muslim Shi’a , Islam Muslim Sunni , Tribal

Action Area: Community Building, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women, Youth

Region: Asia

Website: http://wpso-afg.com

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 The persistent problems of violence and intolerance in Afghanistan have remained the same in all parts of the country. The wide diversity in ethnic compositions, geographical differences, cultural and linguistic dissimilarities have fragmented and dis-unified the society consequently making peace processes slow and complicated.  Women and Peace studies CC seeks to make a difference and work for unity in Afghanistan. Members believe in working at the bottom- up approach so that the voices of people can be heard and worked with. Especially in the area of women’s empowerment and security they seek to work closely with them at the grass root level to gather their perspectives and work collaboratively on the issues they face. Their focus has been on creating Provincial peace committees in 34 provinces having two- three women members each. They promote the role of women as peace negotiators and peacebuilders, create space and avenues for young women to enter the debate on peace and security from a peoples ‘perspective and contribute to the knowledge of women leaders at local and national levels to transform homes, communities and villages thus preventing youth from engaging in insurgencies and extremism.

Women as peace negotiators and peace-builders in Afghanistan

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Mrs. Wazhma Frogh

8 of Taimani apt. 264

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