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Wiregrass Spiritual Enrichment Center CC

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PURPOSE: To create a world that works for all.

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Traditions: New Thought , Christian, Jewish, Buddhist Zen See All

Action Area: Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

Region: North America

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Wiregrass Spiritual Enrichment Center is operating in a predominantly Christian area of the US, and their presence provides a space for spiritual exploration as well as interfaith exposure, appreciation and collaboration. They have hosted several events so that the community is exposed to diversity: They invited a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks in members’ homes and provided a place for them to make a sand mandala. They have a yearly community Thanksgiving service that is hosted each year at a different religious community. This activity brings everyone together and provides a time to visit various houses of worship. They held a mixed-race focus group where they talked about racial issues, which was very impactful. Members of the center are personally involved in a lot of social justice work that the Center supports. Some of them have joined a group called SURJ -- Showing Up For Racial Justice -- to find ways to show up in the community and be allies for the cause of racial justice. “Creating a World that Works for All” is their theme this year. They are doing quite a bit of outreach on that – they have been registering people to vote, working with the homeless shelter, wand orking to improve race relations in their area. They hope to make a better world for everybody.

Our value is community inclusion

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Ms. Geri Lynn Rippe

546 Providence Lane
AL 36322
United States

(1) 334 803 2664

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