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Women´s Welfare and Rehabilitation Center

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 On the 25th February this CC started the training session with 3 sewing machines and some hand training. There are 70 women who want to get training. This self help group is nourishing very strongly with active support from URI. 

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20 Members

Traditions: Christian, Hindu, Islam

Action Area: Community Building, Women

Region: Asia

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Our purpose is to stand for womens' rights and dignity and eliminate violence against women.

We are more than 100 women from around local areas who raise our voices to stop domestic violence against women. As a result of our work, we have resolved many cases in the court against women who needed support. We set up various small scale businesses (like making dolls and toys, cloth, etc.)  to support women financially. We have fought and still fight against the dowry system in our country.

A violence free world where women have dignity and no child goes hungry.

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Mrs. Sikha Misra

Serpur Telengabar, Contai
East Medinipur,
721 401

+ (91) 933 393 9361

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