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Yacu – Yura (Aguas Claras/Clear Waters)

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7 Members

Traditions: Christian, Indigenous , Taoist

Action Area: Environment, Health and Social Services, Indigenous Peoples

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Label: Purpose & Activities

Yacu-Yura is a group of people from Catholic, Jewish, Taoist and Indigenous communities that have been working to improve the status of awareness regarding the protection of the Pachamama or Mother Earth in their communities. They bridge-build between religions and indigenous spirituality , gathering ancestral and current wisdom for the wellbeing of the planet. They envision that the indigenous community and society gather to work together for the good of the environment. The plan to achieve this by coming together for various workshops: film discussions with deep ecologist inclination, workshops about shamanism, visits to places that inhabited by their indigenous ancestors and now visited by people from around the world for its energetic properties and healing.  The  group is also bringing the message to children and young people of school age. It is important that they learn about the protection of Mother Nature, and the importance of integration of modern medicine and traditional medicine.

Working so that indigenous community and society gather to work together for the good of the environment

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Mario Agustín Frontera Tulían

Vélez Sarsfield 915
San Marcos , Sierras Córdoba

(54) 3549516528

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