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October 24, 2016, 9:10 AM

The Weekly Shot: Youth Volunteers Paint Disadvantaged Homes

The Weekly Shot: Youth Volunteers Paint Disadvantaged Homes

Two young women from Youth for Peace Cooperation Circle, based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, volunteer to paint the homes of disadvantaged people and families during a program called “Peace Summer School,” which the Cooperation Circle set up as an opportunity for youth to learn about respectful inter-religious dialogue. 

Young adult volunteers contributed to the wider community and to people in need of support. Both participants and their Summer School coaches dug the foundations for a new home for a family that had lived in a modest trailer up until then. They replaced the benches, painted over the fence, and cleared a Trappist cemetery. In this photo, two volunteers strike a pose in the middle of painting and cleaning three houses belonging to disadvantaged people. 

Learn more about Peace Summer School here.


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