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November 30, 2016, 1:23 PM

Interfaith Education Conference in the Netherlands

Interfaith Education Conference in the Netherlands

Kiran Bali MBE JP, URI Global Chairperson (left) with Cooperation Circle members

It was a joy to join our colleagues in the Hague at a conference on Interfaith Education on November 18th.

There were about 35 participants who actively participated in the trainings and discussions throughput the day. Our dear colleagues, Bart ten Broek, and Duncan Wielzen, opened this beautiful event and encouraged important discussion.

It was a honour to provide the keynote speech, and here are some excerpts:

"The work of our colleagues in the Netherlands is exemplary and all diverse traditions and expressions are embraced in the spirit of oneness. We live in very challenging times. Confronted with daily media images and news of violence, hatred and turmoil. We face a struggling economy and inequity across the world.”

“In a divided society by issues of religion, war, healthcare, marriage, and moral values, among others. Moreover, a growing culture of fear and intolerance has left little room for difference, diversity, or dissent. This is why our cooperation models are so important. We must create a ripple effect and extend our friendship to all our communities.”

Through effective Education, we can change the way we think, how we inspire others, and how we bring change to our world.”

“It is only through collective Education that we can counter the dangerous trends of prejudice, violence and exclusion that plague our societies. It is education that can promote social transformation. If we are to build meaningful and enriching bridges that enhance our ways of life and ourselves, we need to educate ourselves and challenge our fears.”

“We all share the same sky and breathe the same air. Now is the time to breathe life into collective action towards making sustainable change. If our environment is polluted, it will impact all of us. Through educating each other, we can enrich our hearts and our minds and create a sense of community with a conducive environment.”



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