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December 12, 2016, 11:52 AM

Building a Community

Building a Community

The photos below are of Bumblebee, represented by Michael Crosbie, aligning with URI South Africa and the now-formed core team in Mozambique to plan the step for building the school. This includes art centres, cultural kitchens, and nurseries for the women and their families. As St. Francis of Asissi teaches, “Start with doing what is necessary, and slowly keep moving in the direction of your dreams and you will see what is thought to be impossible transform before your eyes to me more that you ever expected.”

Message from Michael Crosbie:

Karen, Shadreck, myself and most of the core team have just returned from the village of Mbetazigone this afternoon. The concept core team is a fantastic idea. Each member has specials skills and contacts that are going to make this project a success. 

At the village, we met with the local government officials as well as the village head man and his group of helpers. Our reception was so welcoming and the people laid out such a banquet for us. I felt so humbled to be in this place.

They then presented us with a series of plays demonstrating the basic needs of the village: a woman drinking dirty water and getting sick, a woman pretending to give birth on the ground on a mat, and a child falling sick with nowhere to go except to a pretend witch doctor.

We also walked through the proposed site and inspected their water supply. I have requested a survey of the site from the government infrastructure director and am working on a plan to bring the water from the well to the village, a distance of about 1k.

Learn more about this project here.

The teenage mothers

Michael and Coyboy at the school site

The women hearing that there will be no more teenage mothers

The teacher who had never been to school


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