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December 12, 2016, 9:24 AM

The Weekly Shot: Shalom Ghana Group Co-Operative

The Weekly Shot: Shalom Ghana Group Co-Operative

Taking advantage of URI’s global network, two Cooperation Circles have connected to better serve their communities. Pet & Lisa Organization Ghana CC (PLOG CC), a URI group in Ghana, Africa, is collaborating with Bumblebee Global Renewal Projects, a URI group in Melbourne, Australia, to bring a cooperative union to rural Ghana to benefit families, children, and residents there.

“PLOG CC is organizing almost 15 groups and associations in our community to form one large cooperation that will seek to help address girls' and women's rights issues, and help them to seek justice and their empowerment, as well as helping to alleviate their poverty situations, create job opportunities, and help their families,” says PLOG CC spokesman Peter Nana.

Learn more about this initiative, and see many more photos, here and here.


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