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January 03, 2017, 2:45 PM

Happy New Year – New of YOU!

Happy New Year – New of YOU!

The Secret to Happy New of YOU! Just let go.

New Year's is all about newness – new resolutions, new habits, and new relationships.  But whether it’s dieting, losing weight, getting fit, making friends or getting out more, most of us are back to our old routines after just a few weeks.  Start 2017 on the road to the happiness and love that lies within by learning to let go…

Have you said goodbye to 2016? 

A famous African proverb says, “Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”  Each year offers its own gifts, leaving you more self-aware, gain more experiences, and become wiser.  Embrace those gifts, and then move on.

Turn to new beginning of 2017 – “Happy New Year”

Hearts full of love, we
Accept the past but
Put it behind us, with
Positivity to embrace the future…
You can start fresh.
Never giving up on the
Energy within yourself;
Wealth awaits you this year.
Yoga and meditation for 30 minutes a day;
Enjoy family, friends and life to the fullest;
Always moving forward
Release, refresh, renew… just let it go.

What’s stopping you from embracing the New Year?  Let it go!

Past hurts desires, expectations, grudges, fears, and misconceptions, these all imprint on our sub-consciousness mind.  They stop us from seeing that which is new with clear, pure vision.

As expert says – One of the simplest way to transform yourself and stay happy is – Letting go of the things that make you sad.

Let’s meditate together, light the candle, and fix the mind on the light of candle. Close our eyes.  Clear our heart.  Let go all the negativity which is holding us back.  Fill our heart with love and compassion, and forgiveness and let it go…

  • Let go of past hurt
  • Let go of anger and jealousy
  • Let go of hatred and greed
  • Let go of arrogance and negative emotion
  • Let go of doubts and unduly expectations
  • Let go of hurry and worry
  • Let go of strain and stress
  • Let go of I-ness and My-ness
  • Let go of partiality and SELFISHNESS
  • Let’s also thank and pray to God for His Courage and Guidance to live pious and happy life.

This way we can reprogram our mind and find genuine ways to transform ourself so we can savor every moment of life.

Enjoy the below video and feel free to share this message with your loved ones.

May 2017 bring good health, peace & prosperity to you and your loved ones!!!

Thank you for your best wishes and courage throughout the years.

Path to Anandam Team.

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