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January 31, 2017, 6:29 PM

Harnessing the Demographic Dividend Through Investment in Youth

Harnessing the Demographic Dividend Through Investment in Youth

Image from the roadmap, which can be read in full here.

Greetings of peace and blessing from URI-Africa.

This is to inform you that URI-Africa participated at the partners strategy meeting on “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend Through Investment in Youth” held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on January 27, 2017.

The meeting aims to take advantage of the presence of participants across the continent to the African Union January Summit to help all to better understand how political and technical support can best work together for meaningful and sustained contributions to this year’s theme of the African Union Summit, which is “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through investment in Youth”.

The purpose of this strategy meeting is to bring together partners that include policy makers and policy influencers to discuss and agree on a strategy on how best to influence the decisions on the 2017 AU theme during the July AU summit and related G20 processes happening during the year. This strategy meeting will create a pathway for Africa to plan boost targeted youth investments within an agreed timeframe and derive a demographic dividend and avoid a demographic disaster due to its youthful population. This strategy will guide cooperation efforts for national and pan-African level influencing work that will enable them to maximize how leaders in Africa and globally can respond to the key challenges of security, instability and education that are limiting economic opportunities for Africa’s young population.

The specific objectives of the meeting:

  • To discuss and agree on an approach and approaches of how partners can play a catalytic role in the implementation of key decisions to harness the demographic dividend in the next 10 years;
  • To develop a 2017 coordinated partners strategy and agree on key activities ( plan) for partners to leverage opportunities in the 2017 Demographic Dividend AU roadmap key moments, July AU summit and Africa G20 processes at the country and the international levels;
  • To provide clear recommendations to the AU on the implementation of the theme of the year 2017 towards the summit;
  • To explore to what extent the G20 process and the conference with Africa organized as part of the G20 on June in Germany can be leveraged for the AU roadmap;
  • To clarify and agree on commitment on how partners will use their strengths to deliver the plan for coordinated and joined advocacy on the join agree on the AU year on demographic dividend;
  • To agree on how partners will monitor and evaluate their input into the AU roadmap and implementation at the pan-African and at the country levels. 

This partners strategy meeting was organized by ONE, which is an international campaigning and advocacy organization with more than 7 million members taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa because the facts show extreme poverty has already been cut in half and can be virtually eliminated by 2030, but only if we act with urgency now.

ONE raises public awareness and works with political leaders to combat AIDS and preventable diseases, it advocates for increasing agriculture and health and nutrition investments and demands greater transparency so that governments are accountable to their citizens. ONE does not raise money for itself to build schools, hospitals and the like, but does its works by creating citizens advocacy and campaigning platforms that ensure that government funds continue to flow to programs that make a difference in people’s lives. ONE works closely with African activists and policymakers to support their fight against corruption, promote poverty-fighting priorities, monitor the use of aid, and help build civil society and economic development. ONE’s work is strictly politically non-partisan. 

May Peace Prevail on Earth.

See the full roadmap (.pdf) here.

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 Mussie Hailu
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