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January 27, 2017, 4:37 PM

Plans to Empower Somalia Religious Leaders and Youth

Plans to Empower Somalia Religious Leaders and Youth

Despite the religiously-motivated violence and ongoing war in Somalia, peaceful recovery looms across Somalia due to the conflict transformation efforts still going on countrywide. The country coordinator of the United Religions Initiative (URI), Mr. Daud Abdi Daud, who also heads the URI Cooperation Circle SOMESHA, made a tremendous visit at Sheikh Adam Dhere religious center on Thursday January 19, 2017.

Mr. Daud met Sheikh Abdirisak Sheikh Adam Dhere and they discussed peace. Peace Talks is an initiative that showcases the inspirational stories of people making a positive contribution to peace. In addition to that, Mr. Daud spoke with Sheikh Abdirisak about URI activities in Africa and in the world. He was introduced to the URI Horn of Africa director, Mr. Mohamoud Ahmed, on the phone from Djibouti.

Obviously, Sheikh Abdirisak Sheikh Adam expressed his interest to work closely with URI and pledged to join, as they have a charity organization. Sheikh Adam Dhere Charity Association has been in operation since the late 1960s and has provided a learning opportunity for so many disciples in the past three decades. The foundation was established by Sheikh Adam Dheere, who envisioned the need for a center that is both a learning center as well as a community center (Mowla’) for not only vulnerable people, but also to serve as a community focal point for Islamic education, activities and Islamic promotion. Also, the Sheikh foresaw that, in order to have a society based on equality, social and economic justice, community solidarity and spiritual community, it is important to educate the society about the Islamic principles, values and traditions. The center seeks to have the values that are reflected in the Islamic laws and traditions of Somali people and in Somalia’s relationship with the wider world.

Since then, the Charity changed from a community focal point to an umbrella organization that brings together various organizations that work in the areas of education, humanitarian, development and community cohesion throughout the country. The center has had also a radio FM station that disseminates religious reports and news throughout its capacity. 


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