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February 09, 2017, 7:22 PM

A Call for Global-Prayer Sync

A Call for Global-Prayer Sync

For more information about this invitation, visit the SYNC for Harmony website, which also contains a response from Cooperation Circle Professor Tomasz Sluszkiewicz to URI's open letter to concerned citizens around the world.

Many billions of prayers have streamed chaotically through the ages on our planet. Unfortunately, they have been co-opted by xenophobia, terror, and ongoing wars. Yet, these prayers are a precious resource of enlightenment, meditations, self-growth practices, and acts of subtle deeds. Today, this massive power occurs in a scattered form – ever-present in the random chaos of disparate, unconnected and uncoordinated groups around the world.

Let us gather together those vast, powerful prayer resources into one stream of synced spiritual effort. Rooted in peace, let us march towards a virtual “Life Sanctuary” for the good of all. Let us launch one planetary “Global-Prayer Sync” which follows the Earth Mother Gaia’s Call:

“Pray simultaneously.”

It is easy.  This concept creates order out of prayers’ chaos. How? Each day, let each participant move his/her own prayer or familiar subtle activity at the first half hour UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).  Each person of faith adds their own prayer to this regular practice to contribute to the Global-Prayer Sync process. Each participant helps raise awareness of this act, thereby helping reach a globally-orchestrated Wave of Simultaneity.

Imagine this: each of the hundreds of thousands of volunteers brings their own part to the one planetary Global-Prayer Sync wave. The next wave builds with the sizable number of new participants…building to up to 24 waves daily! Volunteers can come together remotely while keeping their own familiar creeds, traditions and faiths. They consciously exchange feelings, wishes, forgiveness and compassion through cross-country, cross-border togetherness. They pray in coherence for our main global needs and common wishes, like how solve threats to our future? How to abolish nuclear weapons? How to solve global warming? How to overcome extremist terror and ongoing wars?

By taking part in the Global-Prayer Sync, participants strengthen their own spiritual identity and find their place in the global community. They discover how to become more honest - a true World Citizen aware of our human commonality and the responsibility for life on Earth in Universe.

The result of tuning to the fixed time of Global Prayer in the first half hour (UTC) shown in this video: “The Global-Prayer Sync”


Motto: Prayers have got tremendous power and collective prayers are much more powerful than individual,  … pray together simultaneously at the same time to give it sufficient positive energy which will merge with the universal consciousness and ... would heal the entire universe.

Swami Shraddhananda, ‘Eli’  

Founder of the ” PRAY SIMULTANEOUSLY”– movement.


As an added resource, download the Science of Interconnectivity here.

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