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May 19, 2017, 6:45 PM

A Hint of Hope

A Hint of Hope

Today, a group of women gathered together at the front entrance of the Muir Woods National Monument to recognize the United Nations's creation of a memorial in the Cathedral Grove, located in Muir Woods. A plaque was placed at the edge of the path in 1945 and still reads:

Here in this grove of enduring redwoods, preserved for posterity, members of the United Nations Conference on International Organization met on May 19, 1945, to honor the memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, thirty-first President of the United States, chief architect of the United Nations, and apostle of lasting peace for all mankind. 

While this plaque was placed to remember the members of the United Nations’s time in the park, it took on a new meaning for the walkers today. 

Led by URI Global Council Trustee Elana Rozenman, the women gathered for a silent, walking meditation to honor and reflect on the beauty and serenity of Mother Earth, encourage peace and send hope to those women in the world who are experiencing trauma or caught in a violent clash between opposing groups.

It was my first time in Muir Woods and I was overwhelmed not only by the sheer beauty and size of the redwoods, but also by their resilience. I read a placard that said at one point a large group of trees had been sick and later caught in a powerful fire. Most of the trees perished, but one, against the odds, continued to grow and flourish. Later on, new redwoods took root and grew around the damaged tree.

This is how I feel about our message of peace and hope, and I feel it’s best represented by the picture attached. The small flower represents hope, the clovers are the negativity, instability and war happening around the world. Even surrounded by clovers, the flower stands strong, reflecting stability and beauty.

Even in the face of adversity, our hope and sense of peace help to guide us through, and it is comforting knowing that we can continue to flourish against the odds.

See more photos from the walk here.


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