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May 22, 2017, 9:33 AM

The Weekly Shot: Women’s Peace Walk

The Weekly Shot: Women’s Peace Walk

Pictured here: Eliza Snodgrass, Lyn Fine, and other participants take a moment to stretch and appreciate the majesty of nature. 

URI Global Council Trustee Elana Rozenman leads an annual Women’s Peace Walk in silence through the redwood forests in Muir Woods (California, USA). Elana also leads the URI Cooperation Circle TRUST WIN, which brings together Muslim, Christian, and Jewish women in the Middle East to transcend stereotypes and form true friendships. On the most recent Peace Walk last Friday, women from many religious and cultural backgrounds came together to walk in peaceful silence under the ancient trees.

Abby Wasserman, who has been participating in the peace walks for the past five years, notes that each year’s walk becomes more and more meaningful for her. “There's a continuity now. A Sisterhood. Today I felt connected with everyone.” She says the walks are an important reminder that people should “stop pretending that we're an island, because we're not."

Read a reflection about the walk by Eliza Snodgrass, URI Communications Intern.

See more photos from the walk here.

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The Weekly Shot

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