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June 05, 2017, 1:28 PM

Nkhata Bay CC Addresses Environmental Issues

Nkhata Bay CC Addresses Environmental Issues

Young people from Nkhata Bay CC in Malawi plant trees within Mpamba and conduct sanitation activities at Mpamba health centre. "Together we stand divided we fall" is the motto for Nkhata Bay CC, "we beleive in teamwork." 


Eric Musiwa Banda from Nkhata Bay CC in Malawi reflects on the following questions in his report: How does your cooperation circle address environmental issues in your community? and How do your shared values inform your environmental commitments? 





Nkhata Bay cooperation based in its own experience has a number of systems, skills, styles in addressing issues relating to the circle. Despite having skilled and commitment people within the circle it also has a number of strategic plan and ideological structure which often enhance its mode of delivering the information towards people within various number of communities. There are a number of means which Nkhata bay CC often uses in their activities. Some of these addressees’ measures include; 


  •  Drama— As Nkhata bay cooperation has a well structured and powerful drama organ which makes it much easier in passing of information. Drama in most of the communities does attract a huge number of people who may be attracted with actions being portrayed on the stage. Since the message may be within the drama actors, this may create a very vital environment in people’s mind hence gasping of the message being clearly achieved. Nevertheless, dramas are not selective in ages; hence everyone may be the beneficiary to it. Upon having such system, makes our cooperation circle to evenly deliver its content towards people.


  •  Outreach programmes— This is another strong organ of message deliverance towards though in most cases a number of institutions doesn’t involve this as it takes visiting the ‘hard to reach’ places. Upon realizing such knowledge, our circle did not want to be within the team of failures but had to aside concrete measures which could enforce such programmes to be put on ground. These indicate and reflect another style which Nkhata bay cooperation uses in addressing its issues thus being outreach programmes.


  •  Partnership with other stakeholders— Partnership with other strong and innovative bodies is another great tool which makes your team to be known to a number of institutions hence selling out of your ideas comes very soft and perfect. As to mention a few on this, Eric and innocent have been having better chances in selling out ideas of our circle which has also made our circle to be known with its objectives and missions. This system of addressing our issues has positively impacted our circle as now we are able to be invited to other huge meetings and seminars on environment and sustainable development issues.


  •  Use of Arts (songs)— Nkhata bay cooperation circle is multi-talented structure which compromise with individuals who have different talent. We have artist who does compose and perform their songs on stage. These songs may contain message of environment, sanitation, religion and any other message which maybe essential to our awareness campaigns. Such musical engines do drive our awareness much higher hence reaching to the corners of our country’s population. 


  • Booklets— We understand that information is easily traced in schools and other places like churches by use of books or pamphlets which may carry the message on the topic w might be working on that particular time. Nkhata bay CC still makes use of such systems in schools and churches. We believe that written materials do stay much longer compared to other means of passing messages. This is why our circle makes use of such system so as to have contributions on environmental issues. 



Eric Musiwa Banda was born on 29th of August 1994. He did his secondary education at Bandawe secondary school in Nkhata ay district. He has the higher school education certificate which was obtained in the year 2014. He is the youth coordinator within Timbiri community and other surrounding places. He the secretary for Timbiri youth network as he also acts as the chair person for Nkhata bay cooperation circle. He has the certificate n Agriculture, people and Food security from the University Of reading, UK. 

In the year 2015, Eric was appointed as the country coordinator for African Youth Employment initiatives (AYEI) an organization which aims at empowering youth through agriculture. He has other certificate from Young African Leaders Initiatives (YALI) which makes his work in youth work and other cooperation to go smooth with full of vibrant skills and knowledge. 

Eric is now the chair person for Youth Friendly Health Services within Mpamba. He is the founder of many youth clubs within Mpamba and other places. He does empower weak youth clubs with leadership skills hence making a community of innovative youth.

He volunteers at Nkhata Bay cooperation Circle as the acting and partial secretary.

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