Multiple Cooperation Circles (MCCs)

Multiple Cooperation Circles (MCCs) are groups composed of at least three Cooperation Circles who share a common purpose or geographic proximity.

Photo of Islamabad MCC

Members of Islamad MCC with leaders from various religions and communities.

MCCs are formed to create a more enduring structure to enhance the work of the Cooperation Circles.

Meet Our MCCs

  • Brasil URI MCC
  • Consejo Indígena Regional
  • De Mujeres Indígenas del AbyaYala de la URI
  • Earth Wisdom MCC
  • Eastern Light MCC
  • MCC of Indigenous People
  • Interfaith Cooperation Circles Initiative MCC
  • Islamabad Multiple Cooperation Circle
  • URI Korea MCC
  • Lahore Multiple Cooperation Circle (Lahore-MCC)
  • Malawi MCC
  • Mozambique MCC
  • Pakistan MCC
  • Women's Coalition MCC