Sofia Painiqueo


URI Trustee for Latin America and the Caribbean

Ms. Painiqueo is an experienced Mapuche leader and activist, working for the preservation, dissemination, and sociopolitical, economic, and cultural development of the Mapuche people. She founded the Aflailai Foundation in 1980 in Santiago, and has facilitated and participated in several workshops and training courses for organizations, communities, colleges and universities, lectures, and conferences to further understanding of indigenous issues and the Mapuche culture. She contributes to the development of a grapheme alphabet to write the Mapuche language, produces Mapuche music, and directed a documentary on the Mapuche in Chile. Ms. Painqueo was a candidate for Member of Parliament, a Councillor of the Lumaco commune, represents Mapuche women in different national and international meetings, and is a member of URI as a woman of faith and based on her firm belief in the need for more inclusive intercultural dialogue. She is based in Lumaco, Chile.