MENA Trustees and Staff meeting

15 March 2009, 5:18 PM

Greetings to you from Palestine,
I just arrive now after a very interesting meeting we had the last two days in Jordan,
which was really fruitful and very productive. The team is excellent and we had very long interesting meeting. The MENA Leadership team (Trustees and Staff) is just a great example of the cooperation in the region.

During the meeting we touched many issues which we will provide a summary about soon, we had also many plans for the future and especially for the Young Leaders in the region, which was one of the main focus in the meeting and had many upcoming activities which are planned in the region, and they will have more involvement in the action in the region.

The meeting which included many prayers in it, these prayers, reflect the which that violence will end in the region especially after Gaza Crises. Gaza issue was also on the table and we discussed it in details.

I would like just to extend my deep thanks to all the team who met in Jordan and to Sally and Monica and the others for wishes and prayers.