Nonviolent Action for Peace and Social Change

25 April 2009, 6:46 AM

Volunteering for Peace CC coordinator Tareq Altamimi and one of its members participated at the Nonviolent Action for Peace and Social Change conference which was held at Al-Watan Center for conflict resolution in Hebron. The activity was held with the presence of 35 different peace and non-violence activist in the westbank.

Altamimi, presented the Volunteering for Peace Cc activities in Palestine and the URI main PPPs and its involvement in ending religiously motivated violence. Part of the participants was from CPT (Christian Peace Makers Team) an international group working in the city of Hebron in Palestine to help the Palestinian community during this occupation to Palestine.
Altamimi shared with CPT the URI involvement around the world and the need to cooperate together.


Cooperation Circles Involved