Vote for URI for the YouTopia Grant Competition

20 November 2009, 5:22 PM

Help URI get back to the top spot in our category for the YouTopia grant competition! Copy this whole message and post it as an update to your Facebook wall and your other networks!

If you haven't voted yet, go here ( ). There are a few steps. Hang in there! URI is grateful for your effort. It is a real vote and the process is meant to ensure that the voters are not abusing the system by casting more than the allotted 3 per category per voter.

Click "Vote" to the left of "Bound for Peace." On the sign-in page, click the Facebook button (or any of the other on-line communities that show up) when it appears on the left--it takes a few seconds to load. Enter your username and password that you use for Facebook or whatever network you chose. You will be asked you if you want to allow the connection and, possibly, to enter your password one more time on the YouTopia site to sign up. If you've lost your place on the site, you can find Bound for Peace again by clicking the "Peace & Non-violence" link in the right column. Click "vote" again, to the left of Bound for Peace and you can cast up to 3 votes for URI. Finally, check your e-mail inbox associated with your Facebook (or other network) account for a message from YouTopia and click the link in the message to confirm that your e-mail address is valid.

Thanks for your effort and for spreading the word!