13 Moon Walk for PEACE

11 January 2010, 8:18 AM

The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers announce their next walk, the 13 Moon Walk for Peace, to cities throughout the USA, to begin October 2010. What’s behind the name? The walk is a people’s walk and is scheduled in alignment with the lunar calendar, which is, according to ancient tradition, the calendar of cooperation. It also aligns with the sacred feminine, which is important to the walkers as their goal is to touch the “heart” of America, to affect healing and transformation in the way we relate to each other and Mother Earth. This will open the way for compassionate leadership at a time when our country needs it most. Walkers are from diverse cultures, ancestry, genders, and faiths. The 13 Moon Walk for Peace will begin on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota where permission of the indigenous elders of Turtle Island (North American) to walk the land will be sought. Walkers will engage with grassroots groups on the reservation to raise awareness of issues affecting Native American communities, and to highlight grassroots groups and organizations that are making a difference in their communities. They will do the same in all of the cities on the Walk. “The idea for the 13 Moon Walk for Peace,” says Audri Scott Williams, VisionKeeper for the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk, “came when we returned to the USA from our three and a half year global walk for PEACE. On our journey from New York back to Atlanta, GA, we were struck by the pockets of poverty and disenfranchised communities that appeared to be under the radar, invisible to the general population. We realized our work was not done, in many ways it was just beginning. We decided, before we even made it back home to Atlanta, that we would do a walk in the USA to be a catalyst for healing the heart of our communities here at home.” 13 Moon Walk for PEACE Communities: October 2010-October 2011 Pine Ridge Reservation, SD, Miami, Florida, Macon, Georgia, New Orleans, LA, Dallas & El Paso, Texas, Los Vegas, Neveada, Los Angeles & Oakland, CA, Detroit, Michigan, St. Louis, Missouri, Chicago, Illinois, Cleveland, Ohio, Newark, New Jersey, Harlem, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Georgia The 13 Moon Walk for Peace is a program of the Spirit of Truth Foundation (STF), a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. STF is seeking partners, sponsors and connections with grass roots community organizations around the country. Some of our specific needs at this time are for volunteers to assist us with the logistics of the actual walk; with building a strong social network; sponsors and partners to support the acquisition of a fossil free bus and mobile “Green Machine”, an RV that is a rolling laboratory of sustainable practices that can be embraced at a grassroots level; a documentary team for the project; cameras for a team of youth in each city on the walk to capture the stories of their communities; and volunteers for the overall management and coordination of the 13 Moon Walk for Peace. For more information and to join us contact: Karen Watson 770-885-0461 Tony Shina 404-769-8237 Audri Scott Williams 404-374-1162 13moonpw@gmail.com 

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