URI 10th Anniversary Event: Sarvodaya Shanti Sena CC

19 February 2010, 1:57 AM

Sarvodaya Shanti Sena CC has 150 Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian members.

Purpose: The CC was created to up hold the objectives of URI and more specifically to promote co-existence among the different communities in the society. Thereby help to usher in peace and harmony. The services of the youth were enlisted to carry the message forward.

In Honor of URI's tenth anniversary Sarvodaya Shanti Sena CC will arrange a religious meeting with as many members possible. During 2010, the CC is also planning a MI training workshop in August from 14 to 21st. Inter religious youth camps in Vauvinia, Mannar and Jaffna have also been arranged. The CC will also do ASRH training concerning adolescent reproductive health in this year in two districts.

Cooperation Circles Involved