Peace Walk in Muir Woods for International Women’s Day

31 March 2010, 8:08 AM

Peace Walk in Muir Woods for International Women's Day Dear Friends, The WIN URI CC was blessed to host a Women's Peace Walk in Muir Woods for International Women's Day.  We were joined by two Park Rangers -- including Mia Monroe, the Director of the Park, and several other URI members and guests.  The predicted rain did not show up, and we had a beautiful warm day to glide slowly and silently through the serenity of the Redwood forest and to share our sisterhood.  We began and ended with a deep and moving sharing circle.  We had women of different religions, ages, races, nationalities -- but we all shared the same woman's deep longing for peace.  Passers-by slowed, smiled, and moved aside to let us pass.  We were honored when Mia, the Park Director, shared how our regular Women's Meditative Peace Walks had served as an inspiration for them to institute quiet times and spaces in the National Park. 

 We were also inspired because we had come from the URI Multi-region Meeting at the Brahma Kumari's Retreat Center in nearby Novato where we enjoyed the hospitality and warmth of this women's sect of Hinduism.  And for IWD we had created a URI Women's Coalition MCC with the purpose to:  Unite the energies for women within the URI; create a platform for joint activities, advocacy, communication (through the newly established webpage for Women on the URI website), and sharing of resources;  align ourselves with other organizations who share our vision. Our Dream for the Women's Coaltion MCC is to establish a strong coalition of women with the support of men and the inspiration of the Divine Feminine, working within the URI and in alignment with other organizations for the advancement and empowerment of women around the globe. We were blessed to have such strengthening of women's energies on the personal and global level for IWD.  For beautiful  photos taken by Barbara Hartford please see: I'm leaving soon to have our Seder and spend the week of Pesach (Passover) at the Dead Sea with my family.  Happy Passover to our Jewish brothers and sisters, Happy Easter to our Christian brothers and sisters, and may the strength of our collective prayers help to bring joy to everyone and healing to our suffering world. Love, Elana Elana Rozenman Executive Director 

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