URI Youth Ambassador 2010 from MENA will paticipate in FIKR gathering, organized by Arab Thought Foundation

6 May 2010, 3:28 PM

On Wednesday May 19th 2010 and in Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon, Three of URI Youth Ambassadors for 2010: Miss Rowaida Mroue, Miss A.O., and Mr. Nawfal El Hammoumi will particpate each representing his/her country, Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco respectively and thus the whole URI MENA youths in the upcoming  Arab Thought Foundation conference "FIKR9", an annual conference providing a unique platform for ideas exchange and creative thinking.  FIKR is the only truly cross-sector and cross-cultural gathering in the Arab world, bringing together a diverse community of senior academics, business leaders, representatives from civil society and most importantly, Arab youth - the future of the region.

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FIKR9 takes on a new challenge by positioning differently the Arab region on the world map and highlighting its strategic role to bring new “energy” to the world. FIKR9 will bring to light Arab achievements around the world and showcase brilliant Arabs and the major role they are playing at all levels. Moreover, in the occasion of the 10thanniversary of the Arab Thought Foundation, FIKR9 will inspire and promote the positive change in the Arab world. The three ambassadors will be sharing with all Arab youths in drafting the strategies & plans for the foundation to apply in the next ten years to empower youths from all Arab states.

The FIKR audience will be an international group of thought leaders drawn from a variety of disciplines and industry sectors including senior business executives, academics, regional and international policy-makers and NGOs, Arab youth representatives, expatriate Arab thought leaders, regional and international media.