Welcome three new CCs

13 August 2010, 12:54 PM

Dear friends,

It is with enthusiasm that I inform you that three new cooperation circles were accepted into our community during CC Approval Committee Meeting last wednesday. These new CCs will develop their work in Pakistan, ASIA, Israel and Palestine, MENA. By reading their description you will be able to imagine the impact they can have in their areas.

Roots CC

DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: Most of the group members are working to promote interfaith harmony, human rights, women empowerment and peace since 2002 being the member of New Youth and few other organizations. As the political situation is getting worse day by day we felt that there should be a group that works on local, national and international level. ROOTS have developed for the same purpose of promoting interfaith harmony among the tribes in Quetta, Balochistan. During the last six months of New Youth we conducted several educational and awareness raising programs for students, out of school adolescents and other young people regarding their issues, interfaith harmony, peace and provision of new opportunities where they can get together and share their ideas with each other. We plan: a.: Network with different religious leaders, b.: Organize training on identity , cultural practices and our role in peace building, c.: Celebrate Peace Week in Quetta, d.: CelebratE different occasions of different faiths” Eid-e-Nowroz, easter and praires, e.: Community discussions through meetings with different groups,f.: Youth exchange programs, g.: Seminars on Peace and Harmony, h.: Conduct dialogue with religious leaders regarding Peace and harmony.

Khoyoot C

DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: We are 16 members...Meet once a month. So far we arranged mother day party, father day party, youth summer camp, voluntary work and community service, interfaith visits (meeting people from different faiths in our village), and hosting foreigners from different faiths at our houses. We want to make everything good and very special with Eilaboun (our village) people Christian and Muslims and especially for the future of our children and our village. We believe in doing… not only talking .So if people see our continuous doing and giving for all people in the village they would like to take part and do such a thing.

United for Palestine

DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: We create activities where Muslims and Christians can share together some of their spiritual traditions. Besides that, we draw the smile on orphan’s face by creating festivals or activities. We have volunteered in different activities such as, summer camps for kids, clear-up day and earth day. Moreover, we were part of different workshops as the use of ICT to enhance Gender Awareness and Resilience in Palestinian society. We participated in different interfaith activities that took place in Bethlehem between the different religious faith groups. We participated at Volunteering for Peace URI CC activities in Palestine and there we heard about URI and become interested. We think that there are several ways in which we can help to create a better world. For example, we can emphasize the idea that we are all human beings aiming one thing: inner peace. We will promote that people share with each other some of their spiritual traditions trying to communicate, understand, and respect. We will communicate with other groups and organize workshops and activities to encourage people to welcome the diversity and stand together against discrimination.

May members of these Cooperation Circles fulfill their aspirations and live in peace!