Roots CC Distributes Aid to Flood Victims in Pakistan

26 August 2010, 2:26 AM
Roots CC - IDP Camps Quetta.JPG

Irfan Ali and Mr. Fazan, members of the Roots CC in Quetta, have been assisting with flood relief efforts at the IDP Camps in Quetta, in the province of Balochistan, Pakistan. They have been collecting information, monitoring the situation of flood victims in camp, registering the number of flood victims, and collecting and distributing blankets, mats, pillows, and other supplies. Irfan reports that there are currently 300 people in the camps where he is located, the most vulnerable groups being woman and children. Irfan writes, "Yesterday a new born baby died in the camp due to lack of availability of doctors and medical treatment. 50 children are having serious health problems due to the flood and we have had dust storms for the last 3 days which also affected them." In terms of who is sending aid, Irfan says, "Just UNICEF arranged water, nothing else... The rest is being done with the effort of the community based NGOs and URI." He adds that neighbors and community members have been donating pillows, mats, blankets, and carpets to assist.

Here are more photos of the flood relief efforts of our CC members:

Roots CC IDP Camps Quetta 2.JPG
Roots CC IDP Camps Quetta 31.JPG
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Dear friends, if you are moved to give to the relief efforts, please refer to this posting as to how you can contribute aid, as unfortunately we are not set up to be able channel funds directly to our CCs right now:

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