World Interfaith Harmony Week Celebrated in Pakistan

6 February 2013, 10:03 PM

BETHAK-Pakistan celebrated the World Interfaith Cultural Evening in Khanewal, Pakistan :          BETHAK-Pakistan celebrated the World Interfaith Cultural Evening in Khanewal in collaboration with AAP-Multan to promote communication and sharing of life, experience vision and reflections of believers’ searching together for a peaceful living. Keeping the existing situation of terrorism in Pakistan, Interfaith Dialogue has become a challenging apostolate. BETHAK-Pakistan has given a serious concern and consideration to meet this challenge. A large number of people from Christian, Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu communities participated in this cultural Festival. Program started with the recitation of Holy books of different religions. Representatives from all faiths were summoned on the stage and peace candles were lighted with prayer for peace and harmony in the society. Mr. Shahzad Francis of BETHAK explained the objectives of Interfaith Cultural Festival and different forms of Interfaith Dialogue taking place in Pakistan among people of different faiths. He further explained that interfaith dialogue is a meeting of heart and mind among followers of different religions. It is a walking together towards the truth and working together in harmony for a common cause of peaceful living as brothers and sisters of the same culture and same soil.

After this local singers and artists high lighted the cultural aspects of our daily living. Ustad Hafeez Naqash, Yaqoob Sahotra, Babar Lahori, Qayyum Khan, Faisal Lucky, and Shani, entertained the audience with peace songs, Gazals and folk songs. Local high school and college students also took part in the peace cultural dance.

In between the cultural songs, Mr. Shams ul Qamar Khan, Samuel Barkat, Francis Jacob, Amir Hussaini, Sarfraz Clement, and Mahinder Paul Singh spoke on different aspects of promotion of peace and harmony through interfaith dialogue, importance of diversity in religions, different cultures and ethnic groups and acceptance of each individual as a unique person.

In the end peace and harmony awards were distributed to the peace promoters for their dedicated services foe promotion of peace and harmony through interfaith dialogue in south Punjab.

 Shahzad Francis

Coordinator – BETHAK –CC




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