International Camp Brings Together 40 Volunteers for Peace

22 April 2013, 5:08 AM

More than 40 young volunteers gathered in the Moroccan cities of Beni Mellal, Fkih Ben Saleh and Ouzoud from April 7 through 18, 2013 to plant trees and take part in an event that members of the Salam Shabab Cooperation Circle called an “International Cross-Fertilization of Culture.”

Thanks in part to a seed grant from the Environmental Satellite CC, participants in the “international work camp” planted more than 100 olive trees – symbols of a youth-led peacebuilding movement -- in the three cities.  Young people from Algeria, France, Libya, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia took part in the event.

Salam Shabab hopes to lead a second “work camp” project from April 26 through 28 as part of a Global Youth Service Day.  For more information about the Cooperation Circle, visit the Salam Shabab blog

Cooperation Circles Involved

Environmental Network Cooperation Circle (ENCC)

"We envision a just and joyful Earth community and we are committed to realizing a world where people of all faiths will live in harmony and equality. Our purpose is to create wise environmental grassroots and global partnerships to aggregate, amplify, and catalyze moral imperatives among all traditions to live in sacred relationship with the natural environment and the community of life. To accomplish this, we will develop and implement programs and activities wherein participants will experience communion with all life and unity within the diversity of the world's religious faiths, spiritual expressions, and indigenous tradition."